Soul chakra

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Each chakra is arranged in such a way that there is just in front of and behind the human body. Each side fulfills its specific function and has its own physical, emotional, mental and a spiritual goals. All chakras are commonly connected to one another. As the front and rear chakras are very important for human development and health. It is important to understand the work of these chakras and be able to work with them to balance properly our body.

All chakras are important and none of them be missed, but I want to describe more back heart chakra. This is a very important point Kundalini. He is known as the gateway to the soul. Each one soul “young” or “old” uses the gateway to connect to the Higher Source. “Young souls” learn, develop, test life like little children.

The back heart chakra teaches understanding and opens the souls desire. “Young souls” possess great imagination, as small children. By opening the heart chakra man develops its own personality as well as draws light from the Source. Thanks opens up to love, joy and self-expression of its own existence. Rear heart chakra is located on the back between the shoulder blades slightly higher than the front heart chakra.

1. Physical dependence – this is the entry point to all physical actions that a man wants to do. This point is also synchronizes the physiological function of the heart and the rest between contractions. If this chakra does not have a balance occurs in the lesions.

2. Relationships mental – adopt clean energies of love without judgment. Through the back heart chakra man receives support from the divine source like a child from a parent. This is the point where the energy of the lower chakras connects to the top.

3. Dependencies emotional – is very important for man to reach the Divine Source This chakra should fully connect with the divine source, it reaches the full energies of love and the courage to live.

4. The relationship of spiritual – maintains the continuity of the opening to the needs of the soul that this could strengthen and develop properly. If a person at this level reaches a balance if his soul is supposedly newly born and experiencing life as a small child.

Whole heart, circulatory system and blood are associated to this center. It is important to learn more about this chakra when dealing with the treatment of energy. Through this center heals all wounds that have been inflicted in childhood man. As well as through this center we restore faith and a desire for further life tasks. It is a place through which the soul leaves the body.

Rear fourth chakra is the seat of the desires of our soul. Here is a very important point on the spine, exactly on the 5 th thoracic vertebra, which converts the energy of our chakras material to higher energy. They combine these two worlds material and spirit. “Old souls” experience of opening a high-energy Kundalini. Through a point back of the heart chakra to the human body begins to penetrate the energy of Christ.

This is a very sensitive point. That it comes to connect all energy: physical, emotional, mental and spirytual. Opening the gates by a combination of the first to the seventh chakra, turning our material on a spiritual patterns. When the Kundalini energy reaches the place to activate our higher emotions and all the higher mental processes associated with that point.

Past the red energies man giving him a strong grounding transformed into dark-blue. Man starts higher flights. In his body he awakens the mystical heart, a spiritual awakening high and great unconditional love for all of nature. At the heart of man lights a fire with three flames: pink, yellow and blue.

Blue – Father
Yellow – Son
Pink – the Holy Spirit.

The fire symbolizes the trinity in the human body.

body, mind and soul.

Man gradually opens up to the wisdom that nourishes his mind. From that moment the body begins to reach perfection. And this is the flame igniter to the Enlightenment.

The balance in the human body, in the back of the heart chakra, is the golden key to open the gate for Christ.

In men, this time it comes to the great irritation of the sacrum. Kundalini energy makes them more sexual desires and the climax could see white light.

Women have a similar experience, but with them energy Kundalini enters into the heart comes full circle and back drops in the vicinity of the second chakra, comes full circle around her and runs back it up. During this process, women often trigger a wave of sadness. It will be so long until the Kundalini does not open fully. In women, high energy Kundalini opens intuition.

On this occasion also I write a few words about the fourth layer of the aura of a man linked to the heart chakra. When this layer of aura is nothing disturbed has many different colors. It is often pink thickness. Changes its color shades giving reflections silver, blue and green. It depends on the personality of the man.

Trends for the color pink are humans loving, blue  in silver when the soul communicating with their supervisor, green with natural healers.

During sleep or deep meditation layers of the aura they open up and invite us to astral travel. The soul leaves the body and travels to the outside but is still maintained its connection with the body through the silver cord.

Silver cord allows the soul to go only a certain distance. Thanks to the soul during sleep can return to their dimension, from which he comes. Often, on his way encounters other souls of people who are still living, but also to travel out of the body during sleep. Then we dream a dream with that person. The joint expedition and meeting outside the body.

When open, the back heart chakra then harder develops fourth coating aura. Divine Energy strengthens a man and give him the opportunity to have a whole other experience.