A minute before the session, send an sms or let me know by cell that you are sitting and you’re ready.


I confirm your message and even send an sms at the end of the session.


This will happen without unnecessary words or suggestion on my part.

Capture your feelings and any unusual thoughts – write them down later and send them to me.. If there are no feelings that you recall, note that this lack of feelings is in itself a feeling.


Sent energies will work during next few days, manifesting in the form of unusual, healing the soul dreams  (send them as well – they may be very valuable).


After only 2-3 sessions, the impression of the session is clearly changed. For those who are more sensitive, often they will see improvement in their aura seeing, intuition, as  a side effect :)


I use healing rituals of the Bon tradition and elements of Siberian shamanism to improve the quality of your life. I want to encourage you to cooperate, so you achieve a more focused mind, decreased depression or anxiety, better relationships with loved ones or even improved energy or money.


The energy sessions I provide work very quickly and in in most cases, can help you better than psychotherapy. They are also compatible with your personal development.


Just an actual photo and your time

I need only your photo – and few words describing the problem. The rest I will deduce by energy reading.


Your personal participation gives durability to the effects.

Our meetings are in silence. They are independent of distance. I have worked with people from all over the world. Culture, Age, Job, do not matter.


Benefits of distance energy transmission:

+ Increased focus on own thoughts and feelings instead of on the interaction with the therapist

+ Sessions occur at convenient times and places.


Integration appointments can be combined with standard psychotherapy or coaching. However, be aware that the use of additional energy methods will not speed up the processes and can even be harmful.


Verification of quality and power are made by renowned clairvoyants and of course, clients. I do not offer things from which I personally did not get results.



Bart Kazibudzki