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Soul is a quality of our being.

It comprises forces and habits, both from present and past lives.

Emotional trauma, problems in life, medical or social, can put stress and pressure on our souls, draining us of the will and energy we need to function optimally. Our bodies are crippled when our souls are weakened – our energy levels drop, we feel heavy, and we become depressed.

Spiritual knowledge and experience of great masters teach us also that these factors damaging our souls are also affect real life accidences and situations.


Though my services include common elements like cleansing, cleaning, attracting energies, balancing, protecting, operations with blocked chakras, and reading, we can assign them into groups, or categories.


Still, everyone has a unique story so I treat everyone differently according to their needs.

You might need:


Freeing from influences, which include: Curses, hexes and charms removal and exorcisms.


Enhancing your emotional life. Our work is focused not only on harmonizing current relations with people but also on cutting off thoughts about exs and attracting new love.

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Mind boosting. Through specific energies, the quality of your thinking can change.  Attributes like creativity, intelligence and creativity are extremely practical in the modern world.


Wealth creating. It became very popular after “Law of attraction” books, but actually people always have used energy and rituals to attract money. Still, I use my own methods to attract wealth or manifest energy of money for you.


 Send your story, attach current photo to make an energy reading. We will find the roots of your problems and solutions of them.



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