Alternative Treatment for Depression: Case studies

Although 450 million people worldwide suffer from the condition, depression is rarely spoken of as a serious illness or disability. Growing social consciousness has begun to very slowly move away from the notion that the disease is nothing more than acute sadness. This change is due mainly to people meeting others dealing with the condition. The majority of people that seek help from a therapist or healer suffer from feelings of melancholy for prolonged periods, constant fatigue, lack of appetite, and lack of desire to live. These are the classic symptoms of what psychologists diagnose as depressive disorder. In the following article: Alternative Treatment for Depression: Case studies”, I would like to take a look at the various types of depression and suicidal thoughts and how they affect the human body.

The following observations are a combination of my own along with Agnieszka Orzechowska’s, based on the work we have done with patients.


In addition to the mentioned previously feelings of melancholy and other symptoms, depression is accompanied by a significant reduction of interest in all activities due to a lack of feeling pleasure normally obtained from their execution. Other significant warning signs include: an undue sense of guilt, decreased self-esteem, decreased mental sharpness, disturbance in attention and concentration, and inability to make decisions.

Personal Space

In conversations, the topic of disappearance or erasing yourself usually comes up.


“I have no idea what to do with my life, I just want to disappear.”


The person quotes above is afraid to find a place in the universe, thus his/her energy is small, as if he/she is afraid of life. From the statement alone, you can venture that this person feels alienated, withdrawal from social life, and experiences anxiety that they cannot fully explain. If their energy were stronger and larger, negative connections will begin to appear and they may see the presence of negative people draining their positive energy and affecting their free will. When it comes to aura and chakras, it is possible to see large, black areas that represent energy leaks (traces of traumas). Those suffering from depression, especially those who are exhausted and overworked often say they “seeing the world in dark colors.”

 Depression and chakras

Statistically, depression hits women more than men, although there are many men that don’t want to admit that. (DREES 2010) An typical causation factor for depression is low earnings, especially when the person in question has fallen ill and has the possibility of being fired due to inefficiency caused by their illness. This agrees with the observation that depression is located in the base chakra, the area also associated with wealth, stability, and the view of our “place on earth.” For example, such people often think that when they solve a problem (getting a job, selling their car), it will solve all their problems. But conversely, it is easier to conduct financial decisions when your base chakra energies are already reinforced. However, many people make the mistake of searching for sources of external stability that don’t exist, and leads them nowhere.


The second important causation factor for increased melancholy is parting ways with friends or loved ones. This type of depression is associated with the vital chakra, located under the belly button, the place which, according to ancient traditions, is related to feeling pleasure, seeing beauty, and, on a more basic level, intimacy and sexuality.

When it comes to auras, people who are more likely to have depressive thoughts tend to have a blue violet aura. Those who have these thoughts less often will commonly have a red or purple aura. Those who have these thoughts the least will usually have a yellow or green aura. As previously mentioned, blacks and grays are feasible on the base or vital chakra, although there are also factors that cause depression related to the heart and crown chakras.


Depression after Childbirth


Labor is one of the biggest events in life of a woman, both in the physical sense as well as the emotional. In order for the body to return to the state it was in before pregnancy, it must undergo enormous hormonal changes.


Women often feel tired and discouraged. Their responsibilities seem overwhelming and their breasts hurt due to the overproduction of milk. In addition, many women are forced to remain in the hospital, away from their loved ones. Some begin to feel a number of extremely unpleasant feelings towards themselves and even their newborn child, they cannot feel connected.


Below are fragements of the energy diagnosis of a woman after childbirth, who had become very weak and sick.


“very weak base chakra…”


(Base, root chakra is related not only to earnings, but also to our place on the earth. The woman in question was, at the time, in the middle of the emigration process. The birth itself was physically demanding and the root chakra regulates strength and resistance.)


“kidneys cold at the bottoms, a lot of very unpleasant pollutants.”


(This is common after giving birth.)


“overall pain…back and shoulders”


(This is from holding the child in the womb.)


“aura is grey with black spots.”


(Most likely, things were this way before giving birth.)


After the birth of their child, women feel weak and enter a very difficult time. I encourage you to take care and support the women in your life during childbirth. They really need it. However, after many sleepless nights, fathers may also start to develop a weakened condition.


Depression Related to Mourning


It should be emphasized that this type of depression is not a disease, but a natural human process in reaction to the death of a loved one. However, if feelings of mourning are prolonged, or accompanied with suicidal thoughts or feelings of worthlessness, you need to take action. Feelings related to mourning are usually accompanied by violet and white energies. When this process is prolonged, the violet become darker and remain in the aura. On top of this, it is thought that your sadness and regret hold your deceased loved ones on earth, making it difficult for them to move on.


From Somebody


Based on numerous studies (Aaron T. Beck, Martin Seligman, Melanie Klein), depression gets stronger under the influence of certain external stimuli acting on us during our youth. In the normal study of chakras, this external information is by the body’s energy, but esoterics go even further by saying that depression can be the result of others expecting us to do things we cannot, such as a boss at work, or being unable to defend ourselves, like parents.

Furthermore, we can be influenced not only by a person, but by negative beings, such as the spirit of somebody who has passed away, but was not necessarily close to us.


“I know that you help lots of people. That’s where my message comes from. For many years I’ve had a feeling that somebody cast a charm on me. I can guess who that person is, in fact, I’m sure. Whenever I have more contact with that person, everything begins to go wrong in my life. A, so called, series of black things happens, which normally happen to people, but not at this level and rate. It has to do with my mom. Unfortunately, I take her in as a person wishing me harm. It might sound funny, but in her presence I feel awful. She’s like an energy vampire.”


The client was talking about a charm, but what she was really trying to express was how she was being affected by a disease that mother had suffered from. In the examination we gave her, we asked her about headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms. It turns out that while she experiences these things, they are not her personal health problems!


“This is interesting…really because I have no health problems. I have headaches maybe about two times a year, and that’s only during hangovers. My mother, since I remember, has had migraines that she takes pills for a few times a day.”


We deduced from this information that the mother dug into the energy of her daughter. On the positive side, if the disorders are coming from another person, you can quickly purify your aura so they will no longer effect you. At this point, you can focus on your own independence, which will prevent relapses of such situations.


How to Overcome Depression


Classical psychology recommends the use of pharmaceuticals and therapy. Energetic sessions tend to help the fastest for people who don’t have depression locked into their own energy as abowe. Energy healers can quickly cleanse someone of their depression even if their depression is related to hormonal or neurological disorders, and has been afflicting them for many years. Unfortunately, you have to be patient with certain cases, but changes are possible. You must not stop taking medicines.

Furthermore, other important factors in curing depression are diet and exercise. Most importantly though, you have to force yourself to do it, but it’s worth it. It will speed up your recovery and improve the energy healing.

I have helped clients with long-term depression, who have resorted to suicide attempts and drug use, but also people generally interested in spiritual development.

Send your photo and short description of a problem. You will receive an energy diagnosis, which will reveal the sources of your disorders and will allow me to develop a plan for your regeneration. 

You come for professional help and you will receive it!








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