Attracting Wealth

Wealth is one of the basic life powers. We give the world new qualities, work, so in exchange we receive food, shelter, care. It decreases the  problems with basic existence and helps on focusing your interests towards art and personal development.
Often, however, patterns of our beliefs disturbance attracting wealth.  Natural money energy flow fails.

I deal with the repair of it, both in case of emergency 
(eg, a delay in the bailiffs, court case), and more general (better job, the correct career choice).
Our sessions for attracting wealth include:
– Diagnosing the obstacles to wealth. If you have your business, for example, a shop – send the photos, we will suggest whether to change the furniture or exhibitions to show your products in the right way.
– Initiating life career and attracting money, gain of self-reliance with the help of transfers of energy from a distance.
Opportunities are opening up, bargains, creativity flourishes. It is definitely easier to find or change jobs to be compatible with their talents and passions.
– A set of specially chosen for a person exercises (which can be regarded as a simple rituals for money) developing the attraction of wealth.
Book sessions that will change your approach to money and change the approach of money to you.

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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$

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Attracting Wealth