Aura Cleansing

“I can feel something sucking out my energy”
“He’s some kind of energetic vampire”
“After a conversation with him, I’m really tired”
“I feel crashed”
“I think I feel what other people feel too much”
These words are usually said by people with aura disorders.  Aura in the most common understanding is outside part of our energy body.
When this border is healthy and shiny, it protects us from noisy influence of other people.

Aura Cleansing. Bart Kazibudzki
 A healthy aura is beautiful, attracts to our life great 
people and success, we are calmer and things go easier.

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My methods are verified by great clairvoyants.

Just a photo is needed to create a map of your energy body (the state of your chakra, aura and energy). Then, when we know the sources of particular problems, we can proceed with a series of energetic session. During those energy operations, I will cleanse, heal and balance your whole energy, including chakras, aura(s) and physic channels – meridians.

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skype: bartosz.kazibudzki

Afterwards reserve a date of the session. Depending on your needs, we will perform of remote energy treatments which will help with your situation.

Sessions happen once a week , so that your energy won’t overload. Cost: —- each session [/expand]

Aura discruptions, causes and effects

Negative spirits – sometimes its possible to spot foreign, spiritual beings. Some of them, ones like carers, angels are good and help us, when the other ones harm us and tormet our life.
In fact it’s quite rare, much more commonly, our peace is disrupted by:
Ghosts of people who passed away – after death one of the choices is to become a carer of our family. It’s a discrete and  good help.
Although, in most cases ghosts which we hold in our aura are neither our ancestors, or are not friendly. In that case we should make ritual of passing for that lost soul. It’s a huge relief for everyone, including the soul.
Another very popular issue, commonly mistaken with these two things above are energy cords. There is saying like “someone is hanging on someone” – that’s a good description of this accident.
It happens when someone who is weak wants to rely too much on someone, that would seem to be stronger. Or, one person really wants to affect someones fate. there are a lot of these kind relations, sometimes called not correctly energetic  vampirism.

Aura color

Everyone has their personal color (sometimes 2-3). It is connected with what is good and doing what makes us happy.
When our life is balanced, aura color is quite bright, intensive. When there is tiredness, depression – we can see grey and black colors in the aura. Sometimes you can see more colors on the more outside parts of the aura – they come from close people.
Holes an tears in aura come from strong traumas. Sometimes they were in the past, we ignore them, but unfortunately, you can see them quite clearly, even after many years. They are connected with energy leaks, weaknesses, and exposure to mentioned above beings, ghosts and illnesses. This term is highly connected with soul retrival process.
Many holes with the lack of concentration, unhealthy lifestyle, results in the chaotic, weak aura. Aura like that can seem big (like a sign of personal development) but in fact it brings only problems – it’s much harder to keep it clean. You can see problems and the thoughts of other people too easy, also the emotions which we don’t want.
Auras can be big or small. When someone doesn’t know how to use life, can’t/doesn’t want to fight for his own, his aura is small, often is accompanied by attitude “waiting for a miracle”, seemingly reconciling with his poor fate. It is worth to “wake up a giant in ourselves”, do things on a bigger scale.





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Aura Cleansing