Blocked Chakras Unclogging

Our thoughts, emotions, behavior, characteristics, etc. have their reflection in our chakras. Chakras, differently circles, seen also as flowers, spirals or multi-colored lights are points on our map of consciousness.

But what if our chakra is blocked


Together with psychic channels, auras and energy, chakras compose an energy in your body.


It is responsible for what we attract in our life and what we repel. What harms us and what we are immune to.


The work of chakras is best to get to know with an example.


Stagnation in the flow of our chakra caused by the lack of movement, gradually forms into a blockage which causes depression. When the blocked chakra gets even deeper, it will cause an illness, causing, for example, numbness in the legs.


Of course that’s a simplified example, but it’s important to remember, that if you would do an unblocking of chakras at the right time before that, you could quickly get out of depression and avoid the illness.


It’s easier too, after getting rid of that weight, to get over yourself and, for example, start to exercise regularly. In certain levels of chakras, a lot of life layers are reflected – from purely spiritual, through creativity, intellect, life in relationships, and even the attracting of careers and money.


How to open blocked chakras:


The examples described below I took from work with clients over the last few years.


They were during remote sessions of healing their relations with people close to them, straightening out the ways of money, career, and many other things. If you are looking for help in life problems, I will gladly help you.


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If you are interested in unblocking and balancing chakras  – write to me, attach your current photo.

It will be required to create a map of your energy body (the state of your chakra, aura and energy) [A wider description of how an energy session looks like you can see here about here]

skype: bartosz.kazibudzki

Afterwards reserve a date of the appointment. Depending on your needs, we will perform of remote energy treatments which will help with your situation.

Sessions happen once a week , so that your energy won’t overload. 

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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$



Crown chakra healing is worth doing if you feel overwhelmed by thinking about spiritual matters, or cut off from your spiritual connection with Heaven. Opening the crown chakra results in better understanding of the nature of things, and increased amounts of fortunate “accidents.”

Balancing the third eye chakra works great when we have chaotic thoughts, or a lack of concentration. Healed third eye chakra results in better intuition, seeing yourself in life, and looking into the future with hope.

Opening the throat chakra is important when we hold a lot of sorrow and regret in ourselves. The effects of this chakra is tension in our shoulders. Unclogging the throat chakra results in better communication with others, and the improved quality of art and creative endeavors that we create.

Opening the heart chakra is essential if someone is thinking about a close relationship with someone, where there are deep emotions involved. Healing the heart chakra is also important for overall health, the ability to forgive, and courage.

Purifying the solar plexus chakra is recommended when our life is riden with fear and addictions.


Opening the sun coil chakra is needed if someone wants to make the right choice.

Opening the sacral/vital chakra. Many misunderstandings exist for this chakra, it’s sexual role is accented too heavily. It indeed has a role in it, especially for women, but for men the main chakra responsible for sexual matters is basis. The state of the vital chakra shows our ability to trust (that’s where the big role in relationships comes from). It also shows the ability to trust ourselves.

Healing this vital chakra is important to feel the pleasure in life. It’s also important for certain types of creativity.

Opening of the root chakra should be used by people who have a “lack of energy,” they are too lazy to do anything or quite the opposite, they have issues with falling asleep and are too active. Unlocking the root chakra gives us more strength to live, plus a more realistic attitude in many matters. It helps us find our own place in this world.


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Blocked Chakras Unclogging

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