Ways to Attract Money

Ways to Attract Money
Ways to Attract Money
ways to attract money

ways to attract money now

quotes to attract money

attracting money into your life

attract money energy

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    • Come Into Your Life
    • Let Me Into Your Life
    • Friends Come Into Your Life
    • Asking God Into Your Life
    • Speak Money Into Your Life
    • Someone Comes Into Your Life
    • Breathe Life Into Your
    • Attracting Love Into Your Life


Lavarege Your Business with Spiritual Aid +Case Studies

You have probably met many misconceptions on your business-path.

For example, that when you’re good the customers will recommend you to others. Or that such success is the result of being nice. Or that financial matters are far from spirituality. Maybe it’s time to stop acting according to such fairy tales, maybe it’s time to experience something extraordinary, a game changer.

While I’ve been using the following tactics myself, it was the unusual cases and successes of my clients that resulted in creating this story and offer:

Diagnosis of Personal Abilities in world of business based on your energy, blocks and energy structures in the context of your present or future financial plans.

The only thing needed to perform the diagnosis is a current photo – on this basis I judge the state of the chakras, aura and major barriers affecting money.


Note: sometimes the key person is not the formal CEO or owner.

Mrs. J. is a great example of the fact that the official head is not always the central figure of the business. She signed up her husband for energy sessions because their road company ceased to bring profit. Increasingly stronger competition resulted in making their activity no longer viable.

Unfortunately, the initial diagnosis and assessment of what measures should be undertaken were very brutal: death, i.e. serious and deep change. There was no agreement for that. However, we completed a couple of sessions. Despite a certain heaviness in the energy field, Mr. A. noticed better earnings.

But it was the energy of Mrs. J. that proved to be a huge surprise. During the session, she revealed a blaze of color, mainly turquoises of ornamental texture. In the vision, it seemed to be composed of layers of decorative paper of many colors, yet mostly turquoise. Turquoise is the color of the chakra associated with business and it became clear that it was the one possessing the “engine” that drives the company. After a while, Mrs. J. boasted in an email that she has opened a company dedicated to the storage of documents. It combines in an interesting way with her energy image but I’m sure it’s still not the limit of her capabilities.

The Energetic, Symbolic Image of your Enterprise,

strong and weak points, potential clients, potential threats. What changes should you make to attract new clients.

Here as well the only thing I need is a photo but this time not of people but the buildings and/or the website

Spiritual management: Analysis of your business partners and personnel

Case study I

The case of Mrs. Z.  was not a typical ‘business’ one: the young wife wants to save her marriage. Their relationship is deteriorating because her husband is too good.

He’s too good to his attractive employee who plays the role of a poor victim. She needs ‘help’ and strengthens the relationship with her boss, Z’s husband. Because the couple is two people, in such cases I perform the energy sessions for two people separately. It brought good results: Z’s husband dismissed the employee. But it didn’t put an end to their troubles. Mrs. Z. asked for advice about her store, which is their family business. Despite the good location and low competition, the store suffers lack of clients. Their business diagnosis put it clear – the cause of their problems is the personnel. It was a bit peculiar, after all the trouble with flirty employee has just ended. Yet it was confirmed. Not long afterwards, it turned out that one of the employees was a spy of the competition to get a list of key contractors and wholesalers.



Spiritual Reading of your Main Competitors:

– what kind of qualities are important in your niche,

– what are their weak points

– what talents you can use to improve the situation.

Case study D.

D. is not a new client. We collaborated some time ago. He complained that his competition achieves spectacular successes, while he is left far behind. So… I made a comparison of his top competition. The reason is simple – there is a difference between posing as a man of success on the Internet and how it looks like in the real world.

Energetic analysis is not always possible – I need a recent photo, but in the age of social media should be quite simple.

What conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of D’s competition?

– what connects the best experts in Mr. D’s niche is a strong solar plexus – they possess a defined idea about themselves and their image. Sometimes it may look like they were disorganized, foppish or old-fashioned but don’t be mistaken – they know what they are doing from A to Z. Everyone has a few weak points but what’s more interesting, all have their throat chakra blocked. This fact is rather strange given the industry is related to communication (a throat chakra is connected with creativity and communication with other people).

In such circumstances, K. should definitely strengthen the solar plexus, which was weakened by some recent events. On the other hand, he should not worry too much about the future, his energy is in general above average.

Operations For You And Your Enterprise

Because when we know something, the sources of successes and failures, we can do something about it, right?

Energy cleansing and strengthening to allow you to

– make use of your hidden potential

– discover the powerful force that harmony between your business and private activities can bring

– develop self-assertion and vision of your business

– improve the way other people perceive you


These activities can benefit your current and new projects.

Photographs help establishing energetic contact, therefore allowing for sessions at any distance.

If You Own Enterprise…

I offer help to institutions, banks and investors that want to improve money flow

Case study

Due to the scale of the project, working with B. consists of, in fact, a few case studies.

In the beginning, I was helping her to deal with traumas from past relationships and other love affairs. Her confidence to me grew when she quickly felt the change. She then asked me to focus on her business matters.

It was not easy. She was in a tight corner due to debts. Some of the creditors were semi-legal businessmen, we may even talk about mafia. Surprisingly, the situation was solved rather quickly. After the situation stopped being nervous, B. gained peace, time and space for her activities. However, things didn’t go so smoothly with another creditor – he turned out to be a bailiff, famous all over the country after his recent, very harsh execution. What a surprise it was when a month later B. told me by phone that this bailiff was removed from the case. These events resulted in B. coming into contact with me after 1.5 years with a new case 🙂

The latest investment was at risk of being a flop. This attractive blonde woman engaged herself in a very serious project – production of a new drug used in rehabilitation after heart surgery. Value – a dozen of $. During a few weeks, I had to use very strong energies to help her business partner be honest, find and ‘motivate’ an investor from Australia using the energy, and finally, ‘had a sparring’ with the Banking Supervision Institution. B. was delighted, none of her friends could believe she managed to do it so quickly…

Activities that are focused on the company involve an owner, CEO and sometimes this key-person needs to perform initial procedures, otherwise it may even inhibit the change.

Energy treatments are performed on a weekly basis, each of which lasts approx. 45 minutes. How many do you need? It’s always the hardest question but for the vast majority of cases, improvement can be noticed during 1-3 sessions, while the stronger and more lasting change is observed after 5-6 sessions.

I can harmonize the energy of people in your company to make it more efficient. Let’s contact!



Case study

M. had a large bakery that due to falling demand and fierce competition ran into difficulties. According to our analysis, however, it was not the result of typical financial blocks in M. or bad organization of the company. It was suggested that M. is running wrong kind of business, that his passion and talents would be better used in a different occupation than the family business.

It was confirmed during the session: M. had memories and visions related to his youth, to being among friends. This helped him to return to his roots and the force that drove him. Although he didn’t completely change the field, he returned to the old, smaller office. He changed the way he did his job, which, in return, gave him more joy.