Creating wealth in spiritual way



My name is Bart Kazibudzki and I can offer you help in what I like to call “Creating wealth”


I’m sure you’ve tried affirmations , magic CD’s, prayers, and more, and none of them really worked.

And the reason why they didn’t work is…

 Everyone is different.


And so are our problems, especially when it comes to money.


There is no universal key which can open every lock.


This is why I start my personal help system by making a precise diagnosis of your energetic body, soul, and light body. In your own special body, emotional patterns are changing you in very real way.

Effectors include:

– Your relationships with clients, coworkers, and bosses.

– Accidents in your job, e.g. you are fired.

– Your salary is below your potential


In my special sessions I have helped a lot of people.


But who knows if I can help YOU until you take the plunge and send me your current photo so I can make a special energy reading just for you!



Bart Kazibudzki




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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$




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Creating wealth in spiritual way