Energy reading

What can the Energy Reading contain?

The word “can” was used on purpose, because in the diagnosis there are things which are important and you can work on them right now.

Really, we don’t need comprehensive knowledge of ourselves – too much info will overwhelm us and afterward you won’t know what to do and how to work with it.

Depending on the order, the diagnosis is focused on a variety of things. For example, the diagnosis from Heart Hope focuses on problems with people, but other things are taken into consideration when we work on attracting money, or removing curses.

Analysis is not based on a pendulum or cards, but a personal method expanded by Agnieszka Orzechowska. This technique was created over the course of many years, was based on experiments, and on spiritual exchanges. She helps me herself in so called “difficult cases.”


These are the different considerations:

1. Foreign Influences: The impact of acquaintances.People that we met, parents, so called toxic connections, or energetic vampires, or even the presence of ghosts (people who didn’t move on to the other side and are still in our energetics). The activity of immaterial beings which, because of some reason or another, are harming us. The presence of curses and charms, which are energies impaled in somebody’s energy to harm or manipulate him or her. Or traces of poorly doneinitiations, for example reiki, religious problems, and spirituality.

2. Current State of Auras: Is it smooth or torn apart? (trauma) Rare or dense? (based on concentration and the ability to show other people your border) And, of course, what are the colors?

3. State of Chakra: Blocks – most problems can be shown using chakras – it’s a kind of soul map.

Location of chakras – sometimes it’s possible to see chakras not in the right spot. It’s mostly related to priorities in life. Size – the more happy someone is and is training some kind of life branch, the bigger the chakra in charge of that branch is. Overall connectivity to the Top – what contact is had with the Heaven. State of grounding i.e. How practical are you?

4. Rating of Life Attitude: Our subconscious attitudes, codes, and patterns. For example, someone is complaining about the lack of money, but really he has no idea what to do with money, he only knows to earn it.


You might be surprised how accurate the diagnosis is… or not. But remember there can be things which you could easily figure outand things which you don’t agree to. In that case, sometimes you can’t accept your own realities and won’t admit to them because of certain reasons and sometimes in the diagnosis you see a person you do not want to be.


If you are curious of your energetics and whats important in life – and you want to do something about it – contact me. Describe your problem succinctly and attach your current picture.


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