How to attract money

Money attraction is one of the fundamental forces of life.


Hi Mr. Bart. This is it! We sold the house and I found the job.



Constantly, we enrich the world with new qualities, the fruits of work and ideas, so we get in return food, shelter and care.


Wealth reduces the basic problems of existence and allows you to direct your interest towards the arts and personal development.


Often, however, because of the beliefs encoded in us, the circulation of this energy is disturbed.


I deal with its repair, either in emergency situations (e.g. the delay of a bailiff, court cases), or more everyday occurrences(better job, right career choice).


The Money Attraction Program includes:

– Diagnosing the obstacles to wealth. If you have your own business, for example, a shop—send the photos. I will suggest whether or not to change the furniture or exhibitions to show your products in the right way.

– Initiating life career, attracting money, and gaining independence with the help of energy transfers.

– Opening up opportunities, bargains, and flourishing creativity. Makes it easier to find or change jobs to be more compatible with your talents and passions.

– A set of specially chosen exercises (which can be regarded as simple rituals for money connections), developing the attraction of wealth.

Send your actual photo for the purpose of energy diagnosis: with a short description of what we should focus on.


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How to attract money


Five sessions dedicated to purifying your ties with the earth , supporting your career choice, and expressing the desires of your heart: remote energy sessions for $90 each.





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How to attract money

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