How to Break a Hex

When in life we come across many misfortunes, we lose our hopes for success in every next project or relationship.

In that case it’s worth it to learn how to break a hex, into consideration, because one of the possibilites is a curse thrown by someone. However, the diagnosis does not assume in advance that this is the only possibility.

Very often the causes lie deeper.

“During the session, I checked my email and read the message. I do not know how suggestive is it, but I felt the presence “of something foregin”.
For years I’ve been worried about my loved ones, about the world. Often I felt liberate others from the negative energy that they directed at me for no reason – they become agressive, bad (it’s hard to understand and bear).  There always has been “something” that I had to do for others. Especially more vunerable people.
I’m worried about the whole world. I feel the pain and suffering of others – I leech these feelings. It’s very painful and exhausting.  I see people connected but I’m separated – alone. For years I had a feeling that I have “a parasite :)” it may seem ridiculous …
During the sessions I felt pain in my stomach. I feel good now. “
 How to break a hex

So far I was able to help hundreds of people get rid of unwanted, tossed burden.

Often it was necessary to do so in the context of treatment of their way to career and wealth (financial luck) or by the way of healing relationships.

Removing hexes, curses is one thing, but preventing their action in the future is another. Therefore, after removing the curse we suggest further cooperation – a few sessions to reinforce assertiveness, development of natural defense mechanisms and attracting luck.

I also give simple and effective, tailored to the person exercises to strengthen their “shields”, internal independence.

Charms are quite easy to feel – you have obsessive thoughts about a certain people and there are a lot of issues with having a relationship to someone else.


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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$


How to Break a Hex
How to Break a Hex

Sometimes you have to consider removing charms off a child – many jealous people are bothered by their presence, for example because they are the fruit of a relationship which is not accepted.

After eliminating the mundane causes such as gastrointestinal disorders, such curses can be considered as the cause of frequent crying of small children, and depression and apathy in larger.





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How to Break a Hex