How to increase mind power

Nowadays, intelligence and experience are not only a guarantee of good earnings. The ability to understand the world surrounding us is essential in social relations and expanding your hobbies. See unusual help in science, thanks to which you will improve mental acuity, memory, matching facts and using them creativity.

How to increase mind power
When I took a vacation to go to India I didn’t know that science will find me there, where together with almost a hundred monks I meditated in the intention of better thinking, memory and creativity.
Weekly, intense chanting and rituals with Tibetan monks was incredible. They were students of a school, where you study logic, mathematics, the history of Tibet, astrology, the art of discussion and more. Besides, many of them educate themselves in art and learn languages – hindi, english. That’s when I started to send my first energies to friends that had exams at the time.
Later, still not being sure if the help in science actually works, I took advice from clairvoyants and other people with sense – it is thanks to them I know that the energy that I send out during energy exchange nourishes the nervous system from the spine to the brain. But silencing emotions, better memory and concentration isn’t everything – this energy also helps with passing exams, the questions seem to be made especially for us.
This help in science is designated for:
-people doing their drivers license or a similiar exam
-the parents of children which are having problems with studying and concentration. In this case I usually require premission for sending energy and personal contact.
-people who want to be happy with their efficent, bright mind and memory.

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5 sessions dedicated to purifcation of thoughts interfering with concentration, enhancing intellect power, increasing the eagerness to learn – help in studying and passing exams
– remote energy sessions – 430 USD
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