How to Manifest Money

At last, now you can manifest your potential wealth!

Many of us wake up every morning with one sole goal: to make more money. Affectation that we are pure angels who can eat light and sleep on clouds, and are above our job is one of the biggest frauds of spirituality. As is claiming that we can get money just through thinking about it.

Our work shapes our soul, forms our intellect, and creates precious relations with others.

I’m not the kind of person who will preach to you about your own plans for the future. I won’t pressure you for certain jobs or products.

My task is to work with your psycho-energetic subtleties; your inner power to create things which are desirable and worth a lot.

There is no instant recipe for making money, because everyone has different systems of beliefs and blockages which are shaping the flow of wealth energy.

As my client said:

“Several minutes later I felt like someone opened valve in me, and my stress drained strongly. The next sessions were also amazing, I felt like somebody laid files in my head in the right order.


After years of experience in this matter I can assure that…

– Rooting yourself in a realistic approach (root chakra)

– Making a strong self-assertion

– And forming precise goals

… are all absolutely essential in manifesting money in your life.


First, we discover the energetic hindrances to your wealth.

I just need your actual photo for a special energy reading.


If there are no serious disorders, such a diagnosis gives information on what type of money flow we should work.


Second, we set up a few energy sessions for unblocking and strengthening your wealth energy flow.


Usually, a visible effect appears after 3-7 sessions, but in most cases you feel the process of change during them already!


Our appointments are in 7 day intervals, and take about 45 min. Our meetings are in the same time, but in remote mode, in silence.


This is ideal, because that way I’m not advising you on anything, or giving you a specific feeling, or showing you visions – you are focused 100% on your interior.


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5 sessions of cleansing your money patterns, discovering your potentials, passion and inner wisdom how to manifest money:

450 USD






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How to Manifest Money