Money Manifestation


My name is Bart Kazibudzki and I offer you help in so called money manifestation.

I’m sure you tried affirmations, magic CD’s and prayers, and none of them worked in 100%.
The reason why they didn’t run is…

>Everyone is different<
and so our problems can be totally varied.
There is no universal key which can open every lock.
This is why I start my help by making as-precise-as-it-can-be diagnose of your energetic body, soul, light body.
In this special, subtle body,
emotional patterns are affecting in very solid way, like:
– your relationships with clients, coworkers and bosses
– accidents in your job i.e. you are fired
– salary which is below your potential
In our sessions I helped a lot of people
We will not know if I can help YOU
until I get your photo to make energy reading.

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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$





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Money Manifestation