Root Chakra Healing

Every block on chakra is visible in the stature, curvature of the spine, overall health; in the quality of relationships and relations with others, it also  affects on money, career

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My methods were verified by clairvoyants.

Just your actual photo is needed to create a map of your energy body (the state of your chakra, aura and energy). Then, when we know the sources of particular problems, we can proceed with a series of energetic session. During those energy operations, I will cleanse, heal and balance your root chakra, and rest of energy body.

attach a photo with short description to

skype: bartosz.kazibudzki

Afterwards reserve a date of the session. Depending on your needs, we will perform of remote energy treatments which will help with your situation. Usually we need 3-7 od them.

Sessions happen once a week , so that your energy won’t overload.

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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$


Symptopms of a blocked base chakra

health ones:
– decreased immunity
– poor condition of the bones,
– problems with growth, blood, genital and urinary system
– depression, apathy
– strong self-destructive tendencies
– unwillingness to work,
– hyperactivity, along with vital: trouble with sleeping
– lack of your place on earth, reluctance to the world
– together with the plexus – no assertiveness and confidence
life circumstances
– problems finding a job / activity, money
– failures associated with a lack of realism

Recommendations for root chakra healing

simple activities that give satisfaction 
– sports, martial arts
– resting (when chakra is overactive)
– activities related to self-reliance
– finding your place in the world, home, so called roots
– gardening – healing by connection with earth
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Root Chakra Healing