Solar plexus chakra healing

You do not know what you really want?
You can’t get your way and you easily yield to people?
Do you contantly fear of something ?
Find out more about solutions for you during solar plexus healing process.

Similarly to other chakras, the solar plexus is an energy shelter which affects and sometimes even decides about many areas of life.
It’s state is related to  health, relations with other people and even  seemingly random events.

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My methods were verified by clairvoyants.

Just your actual photo is needed to create a map of your energy body (the state of your chakra, aura and energy). Then, when we know the sources of particular problems, we can proceed with a series of energetic session. During those energy operations, I will cleanse, heal and balance your solar plexus chakra, and rest of energy body.

attach a photo with short description to

skype: bartosz.kazibudzki

Afterwards reserve a date of the session. Depending on your needs, we will perform of remote energy treatments which will help with your situation. Usually we need 3-7 od them.

Sessions happen once a week , so that your energy won’t overload.

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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$


The solar plexus is located on the height of the bristbone. I will list typical problems, sometimes you can directly feel solar plexus pain.
– problems with body temperature
– internal organs
– metabolism problems, overweight
On the level of the body it’s related to internal organs like liver, spleen, stomach and issues between them very commonly assist each other.


Solar plexus chakra healing

– with the vital chakra: problems with borders me-others, lack of assertiveness or
– with the base chakra: excessive expansiveness, tendency to explode with anger
– nervousness
-fears, and if they’re strong or the heart chakra is weak, fears are really strong, one is scared of losing their life without a reason
– lack of success in projects (this is related to too much control, fears, lack of patience or explosions of anger)
– repeating problems in work with your boss and your colleagues
– with the crown chakra: vunerability of spiritual influences of sects and energy
– problems with change
– a change of diet is good
– tai chi (altough if someone has hyperactivity of the plexus something else is better)
– key to stress is not just relax: often stress comes from something that we don’t do even though there’s a need to do it.
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Solar plexus chakra healing