Soul retrieval

Life is a string of processes.

Most of them arise and go out freely, but some lost in the darkness.

They are staying with the past events or with the “important” people.

Deprived of those parts of soul, we become weak. Gradually, It is more and more difficult to make independent decisions and just enjoy life as it is. In extreme cases, we tell ourself that this situation will always be like this, that we are “hard case” and it will be like this forever.

Soul retrieval. Bart Kazibudzki

Usually awakening is the leaving partner or illness of the body. Despite this, still, there is tendency to blame the other, take a few pills or condemn oneself forever.

None of these solutions touches the heart of the problem – the lack of fullness, incompleteness.

Therefore, in any society in past centuries there were doctors who operated souls – witches, shamans, therapists. They can reach far to help restore and enrich one’s quality of life.

My name is Bartosz Kazibudzki.

I began my adventure with professional support for others in Menri monastery in northern India in 2008. Another kind comments about energy sent by my person, and cases of actual changes in the lives of many people reassured me that it is worthwhile to follow this direction. In addition to visits to the Bon Buddhist masters (in Poland and during three expeditions to India), I’ve studied with many great people, honing skills. I also obtained a certificate qualifying me to practice as bioenergy therapist.

Just open up and let the energy works.

Sessions can take place remotely (and this mode is usually used). Then we arrange for a session by the communicator (like G+Hangouts) or by phone.

After the session, I will enjoy reading your notes about your feelings and impressions. During the session, it is good to sit comfortably, the sick one can lie. When emotions appear, do not be affraid of them, recognize what they are, and what is their source. Focus on the inside and your feelings. Allow yourself to relax, even after the session, do not drop at once into a whirl of activity. It may be that you really want to sleep – then it’s okay if you fall asleep.

After the sessions, there may be abnormal dreams, pay attention to them.


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First 5 sessions – 90$ for each

next sessions, if needed – 70$




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