How to Break a Hex

How to Break a Hex

When in life we come across many misfortunes, we lose our hopes for success in every next project or relationship.

In that case it’s worth it to learn how to break a hex, into consideration, because one of the possibilites is a curse thrown by someone. However, the diagnosis does not assume in advance that this is the only possibility.

Very often the causes lie deeper.

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Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing
“I can feel something sucking out my energy”
“He’s some kind of energetic vampire”
“After a conversation with him, I’m really tired”
“I feel crashed”
“I think I feel what other people feel too much”
These words are usually said by people with aura disorders.  Aura in the most common understanding is outside part of our energy body.
When this border is healthy and shiny, it protects us from noisy influence of other people.